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Discovery: Is This Part of Your Sales Process?

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Discovery is essential to conducting a good meeting and closing business. So why is this step so often skipped?

There are so many reasons why this step isn’t happening; there isn’t enough time, you already know the prospect’s requirements, or you don’t want to “bother” the client or prospect for more time or questions. Does this sound familiar? Honestly, we can relate to a lot of these reasons as well. However, that doesn’t mean that this is a step you can or should skip. The digital ecosystem is growing and evolving on a daily basis and it is much more challenging to stand apart from your competitors. If you are walking into a meeting or pitch blindly, there is a good chance you will oversaturate the meeting with products and features or you will miss providing solutions that will help solve a big business challenge. So where do you even start?

Here are five tips for digging in and learning more about a company and business before the big meeting.

  1. Ask for a quick 15 minute discovery call prior to the meeting. When asking for the call, emphasize how this pre-meeting kick off call will ensure you are providing the right solutions for their business needs during the actual meeting.

  2. If a call is not feasible, send over an email with the top 4-5 questions you would like answered, however this is not the time to ask 20 questions so be mindful of the questions you ask.

  3. Go to their website and use a web browser tag extension (like Ghostery) in order to see the types of partners they are already working with. This will allow you to talk about their technologies or platforms you need to be connected to and/or allow you to position yourself competitively.

  4. Look at earnings reports (Yahoo Finance or Investor Relations tab on a company website). This may seem a bit old school but is extremely powerful to know what is going on with their business. This will also allow you to think about some of their current business challenges to provide the solutions that can solve these issues and help drive their business forward.

  5. Create a personal connection by figuring out a way to help beyond business needs. This allows you to build a deeper connection and the prospect or client can see you want to be a true partner and not just another vendor trying to make a deal.

What do you have to lose by trying this before your next big meeting?

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