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Hello From Our Founder, Carrie Kramer

While planning out additional blog content, I realized I had yet to introduce myself and provide details on my background. So here goes!


Hi there, my name is Carrie (Besler) Kramer. I moved to Chicago (from a small town in Iowa) over 12 years ago to begin my career in advertising. I started my career at an advertising agency and was assigned to the digital team on day two. This was not at all what I was hoping for when I started but am so thankful this is where I landed as it ultimately steered my career to where I am today. My time in the digital advertising industry has been split between working at an agency and working at technology companies.

Being on the agency side, I have heard hundreds of pitches, both good and many not so good. I spent years evaluating media and technology partners so I understand the value needed to close business. On the technology side, I led a team of sales engineers who were the strategic overlay for the sales organization and focused on solutions that were going to solve business challenges. My team and I pitched to both marketers and agency teams with a focus on solution selling. We were also integral in up-leveling the sales organization.

About a year ago, I was evaluating my next move which included thinking about all the things I loved from previous roles. After much thought and soul searching, I decided I wanted to combine my experience from both the agency side and technology side to help sales organizations design and execute better pitches. THIS is what fueled the beginning of Refine.

The idea behind Refine is simple. I focus on helping sales people, sales leaders, and sales organization develop the skills and tools to become better at their craft to ultimately drive more revenue. Whether that is through one of our standard solutions or through a custom solution, Refine provides tools, trainings and sessions needed to develop a stronger sales organization.

With years of managing and developing people and teams, I strive to help people be the best version of themselves. I take the complicated and make it digestible for the varying levels within a team. The digital advertising industry has changed so much over the years and changes every day if not every minute. It is extremely difficult for both sales people and companies to stand apart. With our background and expertise, we can help you do just that.

If you want more information or want to hear more about how I can help, reach out to!

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