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Point and Click... Point and Click...

This is what not to do when conducting a new business platform demo. This approach will result in prospects getting lost in your demo and focusing on minor details instead of seeing the bigger picture of what your technology or products can do for them.

When conducting a platform demo for a potential client, it is imperative to tell a story about how the platform will solve business needs and challenges versus demonstrating a step by step walk-through of how to do something. Given many similarities in platforms, showcasing your knowledge of the prospect and their business can help make your demo and story stand apart from other platforms you are competing against. This approach takes time because you need to know how to navigate your technology while also being a convincing storyteller. Here are a few tips we recommend when crafting your story.

  1. Create a demo script “template”. This should include the main platform focus areas you will generally want to showcase during the demo.

  2. Determine vertical specific requirements and focus areas in order to tailor the demo based on the prospect.

  3. Conduct discovery to understand what they want out of a platform and any key areas they are interested in viewing.

  4. Tailor your templated script and story to incorporate feedback learned during discovery.

  5. Be prepared!

  6. Set-up ahead of time. Technology always has issues so conducting a demo on the fly will generally lead to a disaster and create concern of a functioning platform for your audience.

  7. Have a backup (screenshots or storyboard) in case the internet is not working or there are platform issues.

  8. Practice twice as long as the meeting is. If you have an hour meeting, you should be doing meeting preparation and practicing your demo for two+ hours prior to the meeting. This will ensure your platform navigation enhances the story you are trying to tell.

These tips are just touching the surface. If you want more tips or help crafting a demo script, reach out to!

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