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We All Get Stuck...

Are you going through a period where nothing seems to be working and you are not meeting your sales number? Trust me, most if not all salespeople go through this. As someone who has to sell myself and my company, I can assure you there are days where I stare blankly at my computer screen trying to craft prospecting emails. Know you are not alone.

Below are some things that help push me forward and can help get you out of this slump!

1) The first thing I do is focus on past successes. It is ok to celebrate you and your accomplishments. Write down some of the clients, projects or sales you are the most proud of. Now, think about how you approached those successes and figure out if there are things you haven't been doing lately that you could adopt again.

2) Talk to people who are having success right now. See what is working for them and see how you can test or adapt some of their approaches. Sometimes you just need a little motivation or new ideas to recharge you. If you found this approach helpful, make sure you pass along your tips to your teammate(s) the next time you are crushing your number.

3) Determine the tasks that are taking up your energy or you dislike. Once you have identified these, see if there are ways to streamline or completely remove. Now, this doesn't mean you don't fill in your quarterly forecast or do other tasks that are critical to the business. This means you map out where your time is being spent and see how you can focus more time on the work you want to be doing. If I have tasks I know have to get done, I block off an hour in my calendar to focus on those tasks. Once the hour is done, I go back to the work that is exciting and has the greatest impact on my business.

5) Evaluate yourself. If you are not feeling confident in meetings or are not as excited about what you are selling, tape yourself giving your sales pitch and watch it back. If you were in the audience, what would get your attention and what is just white noise? I know it is not easy to watch yourself but sometimes you just need to see your approach and figure out what would resonate with you. If you are not excited about what you are seeing/hearing, then why would others be excited or engaged? Once you know what is exciting to you, see how you can bring more of that energy to your pitch and remove some of the less appealing white noise.

6) Think about getting a mentor or a business coach. It is easy to get in our own heads and most of us are our harshest critic. Having someone to help evaluate you and then lift you up, can go a long way.

It is ok to be in a funk, it happens to the best of us. However, being able to identify and then use tools to come back out are necessary to continue being successful. Are there tips you use when this happens to you?

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